Blind Bags is the best app for keeping track of your collections.

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Keep tabs on your collection

It's difficult to keep track of what you have in your collection and what is spare for trading. Enter "Blind Bags", the ultimate collection companion.

Collecting made simple

See all of your collection at a glance

Super fast

Simply hold your finger on an item
to add or remove from your collection

Feature Packed

Don't let the simplicity fool you, this app is packed full of features!


Keep track of which items you own and which ones you don't.

Forums and messaging

Our forums allow for simple trading with private messaging to arrange the details.



Blind bag trading always ends in getting something you don't need. Keep easy track of what you have available to trade.


You'll gain the ability to export your needs and spares in a simple list. We also give you a profile page for easy sharing on other sites.

Pre-loaded with content

Blind Bags comes pre-loaded with some of the most popular collections around complete with high-resolution imagery and description text where applicable.

Disney Infinity

LEGO Minifigures


Developer`s Diary

Stay up to date with the latest developments from the developer of Blind Bags.

Introducing "Blind Bags"

Ben Dodson   •   February 23, 2015
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